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Lock and Key Identification

Lock Mechanisms

To help in determining what lock mechanism you are asking about:

Lock ID chart side 1 Lock ID chart side 2

Key Identification

The pictures below are to help identify keys some times the keys maybe a different size for example: Pin tumbler key for some padlocks are under 2 inch length

Key ID chart side 1 Key ID chart side 2

All pictured versions were purchased in North America. Here is a list of where it is common to find each lock mechanism and key type:

  • Disc Tumbler: Cabinets, Showcases, Storm doors, Old Bicycle Locks
  • Pin Tumbler: Exterior Door Locks, Padlocks, Bicycle Locks
  • Warded: Padlocks, Antique Door Locks
  • Wafer Tumbler: Vehicles, Cabinets
  • Dimple: Bicycle Locks
  • Tubular: Vending Machines, Bicycle Locks
  • Inner Groove: Vehicles, Bicycle Locks
  • Disc Detainer: Padlocks, Bicycle Locks
  • Lever Tumbler: Antique Furniture, Safety Deposit Box
  • Door Lock Identification

    Here are examples of places to look on a lock to help identify the lock

    In the red boxes Left to Right Picture 1 Manufacturers name on front, Picture 2 other identifying marks example:(markings,holes,cross,codes,logos), Picture 3 Manufacturers name on latch if not on front or hard to read on front

    Schlage Deadbolt identification Smart Key Weiser Latch

    Cabinet Lock Identification

    Example of code found on cabinet locks is in red box:

    Cabinet code

    Besides the code if you have information about these things it will be a lot easier for a locksmith to determine if they would be able to handle the job:

    1. Manufacturer of cabinet/container examples: (SteelCase, Master, Kiddie)
    2. Type of mechanism: See Lock Mechanisms at top of this page.
    3. Type of system (only applies to file cabinets): Gang locks, Single drawer
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