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How I Think About Security

I think of security in the layered approach. Layers include: Landscaping, Lighting, Door Strength, Refraining from posting vacation plans on Social Media.

If you reduce hiding spots, light up the area, put long screws in strike plates and hinges, do not post your travel plans on social media, it will greatly reduce the chance of a break-in.

Even though I cannot ensure that any or all of layers will be successful at all times, a layered approach provides the best security for your property.

Here is an example Security Audit Checklist

How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

This is a public service announcement from the Society of Professional Locksmiths (SOPL).

The length of the video is 23:36: How to avoid locksmith scams

Useful Links

Here are links to two useful maps:

The power outage map is from Hydro One and the lightning map is from Blitzortung.

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