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Frequently asked questions

I will ask questions to gain as much information as I need about the service that is required, Pictures also help to diagnosis the problem.

Example Questions I may ask before coming to/working on job

  1. Your Name
  2. Address where you are
  3. What type of work is to be performed
  4. If Location is Business or Residential
  5. Name of Lock Manufacturer (Usually above key hole if it is on the lock examples(Yale, Schlage, Kwikset). Lock identification information
  6. Model of Lock
  7. Any markings around keyhole example:(Plus/Cross above keyhole, Hole to left of keyhole, Code). Lock identification information
  8. Numbers and Letters on Key
  9. Type of Lock examples:(Padlock used on Sheds,Door Lock found on Exterior Doors,Cabinet/Drawer Lock found on Office Furniture)

How do you gain entry in residential lockout?

Least Destructive Method Possible. Mostly techniques classified as Non Destructive Entry Techniques because rarely is a drill required to gain entry.

Do you ask questions before you give price?

Yes I can give you a ballpark answer once I understand the service that is required, But the quote would be after I get information like: Have any modifications been made to the lock? Who made the lock? Model of lock (example: Maker: Kwikset Model information: Smart Code 909)?

Do you ask to see ID?

Yes For residential services I will ask to see your ID to prove you live at the address. For commercial I will ask to see authorization from owner/operator or manager and also to see your ID. I will also identify myself with company ID which contains my company name, my name and a picture of me.

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