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I will ask questions to gain as much information as I can about the service that is required, Pictures also help to diagnosis the problem.

Picture Examples

Examples of knob and deadbolt designs

Lock Identification


A rekey can be done to change the working key without changing the hardware. It can be done to reduce the number of keys on a key ring, Also it is usually cheaper than hardware change/replacement

Rekey Suggestion: Get at least one more key than you think you will need to keep in a safe as a original key to make copies from.

Different keying options

  1. Keying alike is to key multiple locks to one key combination even if there is more than one physical key
  2. Master Keying makes more than one key combination work each lock example:(Key 1 is a master key that can operate Locks 1-8 and Key 2 is also a master key but can only operate Locks 1-4 and Key 3 can only operate Lock 2)
  3. Keying different is to key one lock to one key combination example:(Key 1 will not open Lock 2 or vice versa)

Hardware Change/Replacement

A hardware change examples:(knob to lever, knob to handleset, lever to handleset, double cylinder to single cylinder deadbolt) or changing from one manufacturer to another, example:(Yale to Schlage)

Hardware adjustment/upgrade

A hardware adjustment/upgrade examples:(strike or hinge adjustment,changing/adding more hinges or strike plates

Security assessment

A security assessment/audit survey looks for vulnerabilities in the security of a property examples: a deadbolt not fully extended, or a big tree near a door, door not closing fully.

Residential Lockout

A residential lockout is where you locked out of your own home (not vehicle).

Hardware Repair

Is to fix a problem. (example: latch not retracting properly)

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